5 Feng Shui Bedroom Tips To Improve Your Relationships

5 Feng Shui Bedroom Tips That You Can Do Tonight To Make A Positive Shift In Your Relationship!

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips for Better RelationshipsAre you having inexplicable problems in your relationship?  Have you tried “everything in the book” to make your relationship better?

Have you considered the energetic balance or maybe even the energetic IMBALANCE of your bedroom?

Since most of us energetically associate our bedrooms to our relationships, it is then important to consider the Feng Shui in our bedrooms.

In the Feng Shui classes I teach, as well as private consultations, whenever people express dissatisfaction with the relationships in their lives, I usually spend a little more time in the bedroom.  Some things that people should consider when you are looking to balance the bedroom:

  • The size of the bed in the bedroom
  • Positioning of the furniture
  • The colors in the room
  • The pictures in the room

So here a few tips that you can do tonight to bump your relationship(s) in a positive direction!

Tip #1

Make sure your BED is oriented to face the door.  Why? Energetically it’s important to “see” the energy that flows into the room.  Most people don’t like to be snuck up upon…you should be no different.  Unless, of course, you’re into that.

Tip #2

Make sure the pictures you have in your room are related to relationships and not of family member or strangers.  Often times, people will say…”WHAT??”  And then all I have to say is…think about it…when you are in here with someone you care about, are those the people you want in the room with you?  ;)

“OH…” is usually the follow up response.

Tip #3

If romance is what you are yearning for, look around your room and see if there is any sign of pink colored items or sheets.  Whether you’re a guy or girl…it doesn’t matter.  But if you are serious about improving your relationships in areas of love, incorporate the color pink somewhere in a permanent part of the room.  For women it’s easy…For men, if you want better love, consider incorporating pink in your sheets or on your box spring to hide it.  If you want more passion, on the other hand, increase the intensity by choosing red instead of pink.

Tip #4

Have figurines, statues, or some kind of physical representation of a couple or pair.  It could even be animal representations such as a lion and a lioness lying together.  Be careful to make sure that it’s a pair of two beings that are in a love type of relationship and not something like a mommy panda and her offspring.  Even though that is a pair too, it’s a different kind of love.

Tip #5

As with any baseline Feng Shui recommendation…DE-CLUTTER.  Most of the time when people are having relationship issues, it’s because their bedrooms are a mess and over-cluttered.  CLEAR THE CLUTTER.  Yes, love conquers all, but even love can be slowed or stopped with excessive clutter.

Through my experience in working with all kinds of relationship driven clients, these 5 Feng Shui Bedroom Tips have time and time again helped to immediately create positive shifts in relationships of love and passion.  Make the changes tonight and see what happens!  

If you have any questions, or would like to share your experience, share this with others or comment below!  You could also join me in one of my workshops on or offline.  Check our events calendar to find the next one where you can learn how to improve your life through Feng Shui!



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