How To Make Energy Flow In Feng Shui Los Angeles Ca

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How to Make Energy Flow

When it comes to Feng Shui, simple tasks as creating space between your possessions is enough to allow the energy to flow. Look at the space between the figurines you have on the cabinet. Do you have at least two inches between them? How about those pictures on the mantel? Did you know the space between your possessions is just as important as the possessions.

Opportunities will not have a chance to enter if your space is full. Are those framed pictures overlapping each other? If there is no room for opportunity (like money, love, health, respect, etc.) in your house, you will not have room for opportunity in your life.

Your energy starts slowing down when you have more than 50% covering a space, which leads to reducing your opportunities in life and stopping your optimal amount of money, love, and general good health from flowing in.

Start the energy flow by creating space between those pictures. Maybe you won’t need ALL those pictures! Do you really need all those books? Make space in your book shelf – donate those books you never read. . . it’s only collecting dust!

As you start clearing the clutter, you will experience higher energy levels, more clarity, and a heightened sense of being. Wouldn’t you agree, clearing the clutter is worth the effort to achieve these levels?

Feng Shui your space and allow the energy to flow.

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