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Feng Shui Consulting For Your Home and Office

Feng Shui Consulting at The Life Oasis with Irene FreitasDo you find yourself asking the following questions on a regular basis with no apparent clear answers?

    • Why are things not going my way?
    • Why do I not feel comfortable in my own home?
    • Why does opportunity never knock on MY door?
    • Why do I have difficulties raising my children?
    • Why do I feel like I’m always being “back-stabbed” or taken advantage of?

Balance and harmony of life and home are probably the most neglected parts of our daily living.  It is probably time to take a look at your environment and space.  Your office, your bedroom, even your kitchen.  Is that “clutter” in your bedroom more than just an eye-sore?  Maybe it’s the “clutter” that’s actually holding you back! 

Join Irene Freitas at The Life Oasis for her enlightening workshops on how you can use Feng Shui and the Art of Placement to completely turn your life around energetic for better Health, Wealth, and Happiness!  


You can also work with Irene privately like countless others in a private consultation.  

Call (888) 991-6274 ext. 702 or e-mail: irene@thelifeoasis.com to make an appointment! 


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