How To Lose 10 Pounds By Simply Changing Your Perspective

How To Lose 10 Pounds…And Keep It Off!

Dan Nguyen at The Life Oasis talks about How To Lose 10 Pounds And Keep It Off With A Simple Change Of MindsetThere are many of us out there who are hoping to shed a few extra pounds in time for swimsuit season.  After taking in a bit too much of the heavy holiday meals, the question often comes up as “How do I lose the 10 pounds I just gained…and KEEP IT OFF??“. Many of us, however, are not fond of sacrificing our favorite meals or make that commitment to get more exercise. One of the tool we can use to trim off a few pounds of that body fat and keep it off is to use the power of our mind. Know that dieting and exercising are only PART of the equation and at best provides only a temporary fix to our weight loss concern. When you lose the weight and get off the fitness plan that got you there…Guess what?  You will eventually find yourself putting the pounds back on.  Instead of addressing the symptom, let’s tackle the source. 

Powerful Mind…Fit And Healthy Body

The amount of power that your brain holds over your body could truly surprise you. The concept of “Mind Over Matter” is not simply a principle of pushing through tough times, it is a 24/7 internal process that dictates our actions every day.  In my video today, I discuss a simple exercise that will help put you on that path.  By simply imagining yourself already at your ideal weight and committing yourself to that mindset it will immediately put you on the path to permanent results.

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