ABS in 8


Imagine getting your the Abs you want in 8 minutes…

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Welcome to Absin8.  If you want to get fit and stay healthy, then you have come to the right place. The Absin8 program is designed to get you in perfect shape and help you finally achieve that six pack you’ve been dreaming about. This revolutionary and unique program combines exercise geared toward both the body and mind, which doubles its effectiveness and helps you achieve your fitness goals.

While there are many programs that promise great results, these tend to focus on only the physical aspect, which is not as productive in the long run. Without the right mindset it is highly likely that you will be tempted to give up and fall short of your goals. Thus, it is important to train your mind as you train your body.


Training Body and Mind

The Absin8 program offers 8 simple and effective ab exercises that can be done in just 8 minutes in your home, gym or when you travel.  Absin8 offers both ab exercises and the most important component, guided visualizations, to help you reach your goals.

The guided visualizations are divided into three audio recordings, 1) the motivation mindset, 2) healthy eating habits and 3) positive ab image…envisioning the abs you want.

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Absin8 will launch September 2013

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