Visualization Techniques: Get What You Want By Changing The Self-Talk

Visualization Techniques Series:
Get What You Want By Changing The Self-Talk

Visualization Techniques Series - Getting What You Want By Changing The Self-Talk with Dan & WeiOne of the simplest ways to overcome one of the most difficult obstacles in our journey to achieve optimal health and fitness is through the process of Visualization.  The Visualization technique we’re going to talk about today in the video below is in regards to adjusting your “self-talk”.

What is “self-talk”?  That’s the voice inside you that says:

“I should do that…”
“I shouldn’t do that…”
“I can’t do this because…”
“I don’t want to be…”
etc. etc.

It’s the deliberation that we do internally to help us make it through our day as we are presented with choices.  In our “Powerful Mind…Healthy Body…For Life” workshop, we go over the motivational and visualization blocks that can be overcome with the following technique.

Check out the video first!

Know that our sub-conscious mind cannot process negative suggestion as a method of motivation.

For example, when we tell ourselves that “We don’t want to be fat”, the image we inevitably create first is what “fat” looks like to us.  Our next step would be to “try” and figure out how not to be that image that we see in our minds.  The problem with this is that the sub-conscious response to the picture in our mind’s first image is what we actually anchor ourselves to and no matter what we do to try and change that, the seed has already been planted and that’s what our sub-conscious mind will now base our decisions regarding health and fitness on.

If we simply skip the step of “trying” to eliminate that image by first introducing the end state or goal first, the results tend to be more effective and permanent.  Instead of saying, “We don’t want to be fat,” we say, “We want to be healthy , fit, and in great shape!”

Go ahead and start small with an “I want…” statement that you can do today.  Pick a task that you could potentially motivate yourself to do by saying “I don’t want…” to negatively motivate yourself and make note of how that feels in regards to your level of motivation.  Now…re-phrase it to something that creates a positive end-state image in your mind and note the difference in your level of motivation.  Remember to fully immerse yourself into that image that appears in your mind and note what it looks, feels, and sounds like.

Let us know how it went in the comments below or if you are struggling with finding the appropriate “re-phrasing” language and feel comfortable about sharing it, comment below and we’ll help you out!



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